Have met the enemy...yep it's "Us"

Why I believe #B2B Salespeople are their own worst enemies...part 726

So, a standard " #sales is all about GRIT and HUSTLE " rah rah LinkedIn post from a well know "sales guru" shows up in my feed today.

I skim it and it's what I expect - but I find this nugget in the comments from a #Salesperson. "You can always fix a solution later - get the contact signed now, above all else."

The author of the comment states that this is extremely important because of the "competition" is tough and if you don't "close them" you will "lose."

Lose what? #Commission on a single deal? A SPIFF? Your chance at making your quota this quarter?

What about the customer?

What about something longer term than our next commission or bonus check?

And just WHO, exactly, is going to "fix" said "solution" later? In my experience, it's not the rep - it's some other poor schlemiel who's now tasked with having to cash the check a salesperson's "hard close" wrote.

Maybe it's because I sell #Saas - but I don't have the luxury of "fixing it later." And neither does my customer. It has to work, as advertised, NOW.

Question - In this world of Twitter and Yelp - is the short term gain of a "close above all else" still worth the potential for massive headache later?