What do I really want?

Is #passion really what I want, or is it #competence

Jack Kosakowski posted something on Facebook that moved me to write this, about the obsession we SEEM to have in the #b2b sales ecosystem with "passion." 

You can't throw a rock on #socialmedia without hitting an #inspirational quote or #thoughtleader article about "passion." 

We hear people say "hire passionate salespeople." 

But less that 50% of B2B salespeople working today are making quota. 

s it because they ALL lack passion? 

Many sales trainers will tell you "Yes!"  It shouldn't shock you to learn that for many sales trainers, #passion (along with #hustle, #grit and #laziness) seems to be one of the key differentiators between success & failure in sales.

But what about skill? Or talent? Or basic competence?  

I think Bob Hope said "Passion for something, without being good at it, is called Golf." It's funny, because it's true. 

Andy Molinsky said "Passion only matters if it leads to [something] that delivers impact, whether that impact is measured in revenues, profits, improved process performance, or something entirely differently."

Is our #sales #community focusing too much on #passion...and not enough on things like #competence? Or #skill? Or #talent

What is all this focus on passion leading us to?