They'll ALWAYS need salespeople...right?

Gartner predicts by 2020 #customers will manage 85% of the relationship with an enterprise without human interaction.

"Meh" you say. "Because people buy from people - so my sales job is safe because people need people to buy stuff and things."

Yeah... Just like how I interact with the human salesperson down at Circuit City when I buy a new TV for my den. 

Just like how I interact with the human floor staff at Borders and Blockbuster when I go browsing for books to buy and movies to rent.

Just like how I interact with my human travel agent when I'm trying to buy tickets to Detroit to visit my parents this Christmas. 

Get it?

"Meh, that's #B2C," you say. "B2B is more complex - you can't build a website or a self service process to SELL the widget I sell." 

Yeah. Sell. Making that quota..whoops - over 50% of #B2B sales reps out there AREN'T making quota.

"So what are 50% of our sales reps actually doing?" said your employer, thoughtfully. 

Last note - Forrester found that enterprises plan on increasing investment in artificial intelligence ( #AI ) by 300 percent.

Pop quiz - where do you think those enterprises/our employers are looking to spent that money? 

Hint - it's not on sales #commissions...