But I'm a "trusted advisor!"

Ahhh - the infamous "trusted advisor" theory. It's my personal bête noire!

Why do I think the "trusted advisor" thing is bunk in #b2b #sales

One word - SALES COMP. (oops that's 1.5) 

Example - I am a copier salesperson (I was for years) & I have a customer that wants to buy a copier.

Copier A is a new model, all the bells & whistles & latest tech. BTW - I make a pretty healthy commission on it.

Copier B is last years model - it's a good machine & does everything...but in addition to commission I make an additional  $1000 SPIFF on it. 

Which copier does a "trusted advisor" pitch? 

My take? Any pitch for "B" is immediately suspect...even if it IS in the customer's best interest. 


Every argument I make about how Copier B is the better "deal" for the customer is automatically COLORED by the fact I make more money.

Let's agree that everything I say is true. It's cheaper. Maybe the color IS great. Maybe it's is pretty fast. Maybe it is a perfectly acceptable solution.  But WHY am I pitching it...for you or for me?

There's nothing wrong with pitching A over B because A pays me more than B...that's business..but...

Ask yourself - if you knew your doctor got a $3000 SPIFF for prescribing one particular drug over another, would she still be your "trusted advisor?"