Skills vs Attitude

Have you ever listened to a garage band that practices every weekend, but none of the members have any innate musical ability at all? 

Ever played a sport with someone who was truly passionate about the game - but a horrible player? Ever eaten a meal prepared by someone with love & devotion for cooking who often confuses sugar for salt and vice versa?

There is a modern business dictum about #skills vs #attitude - that attitude is much more important than skill. That great attitude can overcome poor skills…and given the choice between the two…choose the former. I understand why that sounds correct. But is it correct?

Is it important my surgeon has a smile on her face when she says to the nurse “Give me a 4-0 Vicryl on a PS-2” More important than her skill at suturing?

I get it if you’re a customer facing person - someone who deals with the public - why your “attitude” is important. But isn’t that PART of your SKILL as a #customer facing person?

IMHO having a good attitude is actually a “skill” b/c it’s literally something you have to work on…day after day…in order to get good at it. It’s no different than practicing the guitar, shooting hoops or making lemon meringue pies. But do we make a mistake when we think this “skill” is more important than others?