ZynBit Customer Success Micro Story.

8:49 AM - Customer hits HELP on ZynBit Menu in OUTLOOK. CHAT OPENS.

8:51 AM - Customer: "Hi Lief, you helped XXX a few days ago & did an awesome job getting our problem solved. Now my laptop is doing the same thing. Can you help me get this corrected? I am traveling but can share screen if needed."

8:52 AM - Lief: "Hi again! yeah, we can do a screen share again... " TECH STUFF HAPPENS

9:03 AM - Customer: "There we go! Thank you!!! You're the best!"

9:03 AM - Lief: " No Problem! Thanks for the last review as well!"

(Review Left on 6/7 by XXX mentioned above: "Wonderful add-on for Salesforce. The ability to file emails & contacts directly in an account...is a lifesaver! And its accompanied by amazing customer and technical support company...had issues with installation. A wonderful technical support associate gave us outstanding assistance and corrected the issue in very little time and with no hassle. Wonderful app and amazing team!!)

9:04 AM - Customer: "[I] will put another plug in for you!" END CHAT Two 5 Star Customer reviews - about 30 minutes of work on the helpdesk.

It's 9:46 AM West Coast time - do you know where your #customersuccess is?