Wipe that smarket off your face

Learn how to #Smarket, no credit card required..

#B2B sales is changing - anyone who says "things have always been like this" probably has a bridge to sell you.

Here's this skinny - #cloud & #mobile technologies have increased the #productivity of employees exponentially.

This means we need LESS people to do MORE work. Couple that with the behavioral shift of #buyers being more self-service, and you've got a recipe for long lines at the unemployment office. #B2B salespeople included.

Don't believe me? Ask any one of the thousands of B2B sales people laid off this year at Fortune 500 companies. "Smarketing" has been a term used to talk about re-engineering #sales & #marketing functions, creating a common #integrated approach to sell stuff & things to people.

I believe that the single most integrated system in the world is a Human Being - which is why I believe, to survive the "coming cull" Graham Hawkins talks about, salespeople need to personally evolve into Smarketers.

I address the WHY and the HOW in my next FREE webinar "Sales Hackers Guide To the Galaxy Vol. 5: Salesperson Converted to Smarketer - How Survive In The New Normal" - on August 2nd (yes after Month End) If that's of any interest - you can sign up here: