When I think of you..wait..I DON'T think of you...ever

What do your #customers think about you & your widget?

Did you know the first time someone OFFICALLY asked customers "what they thought" about a company's products/services wasn't in 1628, 1728 or even 1828...it took until 1928 & a guy named William Benton to do it at a Chicago Ad Agency.

As the story goes, Bill's boss told him "You HAVE to land the Colgate-Palmolive Account or it's your job!!!" (now doesn't THAT sound familiar???)

So....Bill goes out & for two months works night & day asking housewife after housewife (it was 1928) what they personally thought of EACH Colgate-Palmolive product.

Survey results in hand, Bill signs the account and unknowingly launches an entire industry!

So what does that mean about what we in #b2b #sales do today?

There's a lot of #noise out there about what #salespeople & #marketers should do to stay relevant. Cold Calling. ABM. Social Selling. PsyMarketing - everyone has some "thing" that's supposed to fix it all. (I made that last one up BTW...or did I?)

My $.02- if whatever we're doing isn't first & foremost about the customer's wants & needs, we're doing it wrong.

Sounds simple, right?

Well answer this truthfully-did you wake up this morning thinking about YOUR CUSTOMER or YOUR QUOTA?

Yep...not so simple is it?