We value #CX - no my fingers aren't crossed!

$62 billion lost by US businesses yearly due to bad customer experiences.

Yet all over LinkedIn it's #crickets - just more posts about #sales & #prospecting.

Why? I know I'm part of the problem -I write about #sales because my customers are sales people and sales orgs.

But the numbers put out by NewVoiceMedia are frightening:

  • 49% of customers that switched vendors did so because of poor #CX
  • 42% say they would not only leave but also post NEGATIVE reviews or share their NEGATIVE experience via social media!

A very messy breakup if you ask me...

Years ago we in sales could bury bad #CX in the back yard - "just don't use them as a reference" was the rallying cry.

But that dog don't hunt no more. Tatango states that orgs that rely on recurring revenue (i.e., every #Saas company ever) only 5-30% of revenue comes from the INITIAL sale.

70-95% comes from renewals & upsell.

Pro tip - you can't upsell someone who hates you & you can't renew someone who isn't a customer.

Imagine losing just 10% of your customer-base a year due to bad #CX.

If you're a rep tasked with just 15% growth in your market, that means you need 25% growth just to make your number!

Why aren't #salesgurus talking about this? How do #coldcalls fix this?

Well, #imnoguru - but watch this space.