To everything, churn churn chrun...

Is your #b2b #sales #quota going up astronomically every year?

Ever wonder why?

Did you know that the average #b2b #sales rep can expect up to 14% of their current base to leave them year over year?

And that the VAST majority of those people leaving have nothing to do with price, your product or even YOU? They leave because of bad #CX (customer experience) - they leave because the system that supports them doesn't really #support them and is sometimes even hardly a "system."

So people with calculators and spreadsheets at your company add that 14% on top of whatever growth you're supposed to be responsible for in your market. So let's say in your industry, its realistic (ha ha, yeah I know that's funny) to think your quota should be 10-20% more than it was last year...well add the 14% churn and voilla!

Now you have 24%-34% increase in quota. So the question we need to ask - culturally - is this: is it more economical to simply accept this churn rate and ask/demand more and more of sales reps OR should orgs, finally, take #CX as serious as they take #customeraquisition?

Interested in your take...