The Scourge of Out Time (#notreally)

I like to copy content on LinkedIn & not give the original author credit.

Actually, I don't. I abhor the practice, personally - but I wanted you to continue to read this post.

There seems to be a pandemic on LinkedIn - where instead of using the SHARE function, people cut & paste text into their own UPDATE box.

They don't even tag the authors, like I'm doing with Saket Kumar & John Moore, Ph.D. right now.

They simply use the hashtag #copied like that's supposed to mean something. Many don't use the hashtag, they just send the content out there to their network & collect Likes and Comments from people who THINK what they're posting is an original thought or story.

Some people say "well that's ok, as long as your content reaches people, who cares if you get the credit."

No, it's not ok - content on #socialmedia has value.

Some people say, "well, they are just new to LinkedIn & don't know how to share content."

No, there's a big SHARE button under every post in their feed. Some people say, "well, it's probably nothing malicious."

No, because giving credit for original content is the right thing to do.

And when the right thing to do is as easy as simply clicking a SHARE button & you don't do it....I have to call your motives into question.

What say you?