Side Hustles?

Saturday Thought - been talking to a few different #SDR s from different companies. They're reaching out because of a few of my articles. Which is great. Happy to help.

But here's the thing...many, I would say almost a majority, have side #hustles they want advice on.

Or ideas for side hustles they want advice on.

When I ask "why aren't you investing this side hustle time to being a better SDR for Widget?" - they say something similar to "well Widget doesn't really care about me, and I'm not investing more time into them just to be treated like a drone." They tell me about draconian hiring/firing practices, impossible to reach quota goals and Rube Goldberg-esque commission plans.

Then when I go to Widget's website, I see the ubiquitous "our most valuable resource is our people" emblazoned all over the site.

So I have to ask - is the #sidehustle trend the result of entrepreneurial spirit or simply the result of poor employers?

Or is it a perfect storm of both?