Of course you can get it in BLUE!

Cheesiest Groaner #Sales Line I ever used in an actual meeting with a client.

So years ago, Xerox introduced the "ColorQube" it had a carnauba wax-based ink sticks (like big crayons) that were inserted in the machine & used up.

No toner cartridge - and since it wasn't toner, the machine controlled the amount of ink on the page - ergo, different prices based on % of color on a page...

So part of the value prop was instead of color prints costing 10 cents, on this machine color was like a Penny! 90% savings over current color costs.

The one problem - the first gen of these boxes were much louder than a standard toner unit. Really loud. (I know - BORING! Please don't fall asleep - the cheesy line is coming...I promise.)

So anyways, we bring in a current client for a demo. Patrick Purcell was there as well. We make a bunch of prints/copies they look great - but MAN that machine is loud.

You can see the customer almost flinch every time a page came out.

The client says to me shaking his head... "Wow that's really loud...I don't know if that's worth it.."

Pat shoots me a look, I take a beat to think, smile and blurt out:

"That sound you hear? That's the SOUND OF SAVINGS."

The customer audibly GROANED.

Pat did a face palm.

But the customer bought 'em. #truestory