No salespeople allowed in the sales meeting

Real comment from a real customer follows...#b2b #sales #prospecting #futureofwork #futureofsales

"I'd like unsolicited sales and marketing...outlawed. I am more than capable of finding products and services that I need on the Internet. I have to hang up on sales people at least twice a day. It is a total nuisance. When you try to get rid of these obnoxious callers polity they continue trying to sell to you."

I was following this conversation on LinkedIn about #prospecting for business & this popped up.

This isn't about how we'd respond to such a customer's comment - I'd like to ask another question.

Why do our prospects feel this way toward #b2b sales & #marketing?

I'm not going out on a limb by saying that this in not a unique feeling among B2B buyers. I would probably bet real money it's the majority #opinion.

I see we in Sales often fluff off such commentary, either blowing right by it with the old "making omelets means breaking some eggs" platitude or trying to reason that the negative opinion is colored by a bad day, an unpleasant personality or even too much exposure to "Bad Apples" salespeople (whoever THEY are...) it important to answer the "Why?"

Or do we just have to #hustle our way past this objection?