Monday Moanin' - DMs and Salespeople

Monday Moanin' - I see many #prospecting #guru #sales thought leaders now talking about how "important it is" for C-levels and other "decision makers" to "take the time" to talk with #salespeople...some have even went so far as to say it's "incumbent on them as leaders" to listen to cold sales pitches. Because taking cold calls is part of the job of a business person.

Really? Whether it be Nokia or Xerox or Blockbuster the business landscape is LITTERED with companies that doubled down on a commitment to the way "things are always going to be", even when all evidence to the contrary told them their CUSTOMERS wanted to purchase their products or services a different way.

My take - your customers are YOURS. Not mine, not some "sales guru ninja's" either. How do your customers want to communicate with you?

When you figure that out, buy a book that tells you how to do that.

Don't take some expert's word for it.

Me included.