How Stinky Saved My Pipeline

When I sold copy machines door-to-door, I #prospected in the field.

Its was a ridiculous set up: #receptionist & #salesperson, forced to interact in the most uncomfortable way possible - a face to face #coldcall.

Behind most receptionists sat a Rouges Gallery of salesperson #business cards posted on some tack board - a "coldcall graveyard" if you will.

After dying on that beach a bunch of times, I had an idea of how to offer some #value that my competitors couldn't/wouldn't.

So a little yarn, glue & a sewing needle did the trick - a home-made sock-puppet named "Stinky". Stinky had button eyes & a bow tie & when I knocked on doors, Stinky would deliver the sales pitch.

Stinky's job was to get a meeting. Some receptionists thought I was crazy, some thought is was hilarious. Many, amazingly, gave me an opportunity to talk to the Decision Maker.

I'm not saying the secret to prospecting is being the Last Comic Standing. I'm saying the secret is offering value in the 1st interaction. In this case, "laughter" & "memorability" was of "value" to someone with the rough job of shooing away pesky salespeople.

So what's REALLY of value to the people YOU'RE talking to? BTW the best #sales prospector I ever knew, Troy McVicker saw Stinky in action.

This is a TRUE STORY.