Another inconvenient truth

Ever notice in disaster movies there's always 1 scientist telling people what they don't want to hear? You know, the scientist everyone thinks is crazy...until 30 minutes in & all hell breaks loose?

This week I've seen a few #b2b #sales related posts calling out some OTHER posters here on LinkedIn as being too #negative

My take?

There's a lot of #shineyhappypeople stuff here if you want it. How #hardwork always wins. How #grit is more important than #smarts or #talent. How brushing your teeth prevents cavities (well that last one might be true)

Yes, I know #sales is about #perseverance - now how does that help me rise above the noise out there to sell my widget?

So, I tend to +Follow people I see as #canaries. You know the term. Canaries were used in coal mines for years b/c they would succumb to noxious, invisible gasses quicker than human miners. The term now really means someone who warns of danger ahead.

I'm not saying these canaries have all the answers - hell I don't even know if they're asking the right questions half the time.

But I'm glad they're asking them nonetheless.

Because I read the #paper, and it ain't all sunshine & rainbows out there.

I don't need someone telling me the glass is half full...I need someone warning me we're running out of glasses.