Top Ten Sales Manager Secrets! Coming Soon!

In 2017 I’ve read a lot of Top 5 & Top 10 Lists about #Sales/Sales #Managers.  Most are titled something like "Top 5 Things a Sales Manager Needs to Do" or "Top 10 Things You Need to Know As A Sales Manager." 

My biggest problem with them is that they’re always TELLING sales managers something. Color me crazy, but I think we’d learn a lot more about the "state of sales" from listening to sales managers every once and a while.

Why do I think that? Because I have very deep conversations with YOUR sales managers...daily.

They tell me a lot about what their orgs are doing right & where they need to improve.

Each one has some hard truths – call them "secrets" - they’d love to talk to senior management about.  But they don’t.

To be fair, I understand why. Because sometimes, to Executives, sales managers telling "hard truths" sounds a lot like “complaining.”

And as a rule, Executives frown on complaining – I think they teach that in business school. Like on the first day.

After they tell you where the bathrooms are.

Sales managers have told me these #secrets & lamented "Oh, if only I could say this to my boss." 

Well starting on Monday 12/4, I'm going to post the TOP 10 SALES MANAGER SECRETS that I've been told - one a day - in this format. 

Get Ready!