Sales Didn't Do Any Selling Today...YIPPIE!

The #sales team here at ZynBit had absolutely nothing to do with a 1000+ user #SaaS subscription order we got today & I couldn't be happier. 

Last year around this time, we signed a "logo" client for 300+ users.

The client had 1400+ potential users, but our sales team focused on the particular user group that we determined would get the most noticeable, immediate benefit from using ZynBit. 

Long story short, we won a yearly subscription for 300+ users. Not too shabby. 

For 10 months this client & these 300+ users were exposed to ZynBit the company, our SaaS solution(s), our training & technical support & our ongoing product/feature enhancements (like ZynCal & ZynMobile)

Per our plan, 2 months ago our #CX team started the conversation regarding renewal.  The client said, "Of course! Can we get a quote for an additional 1000 users? 

ZynBit has just been such a success we've decided to consolidate vendors & go with you guys across the board." 

In the #SaaS world, I've come to believe ANYONE can sell ANYONE ELSE something....ONCE. 

Everything after that, it's all #customerexpereince. Brutal Truth  - No #sales book or #salestraining course is going to help you retain, expand & grow WITHIN your current customer base. 

To do that, the trap HAS to catch mice.  Happy Friday!