On Being TOO Available

Can #sales reps be "too available" for customers?

Years ago I was a rep for a copier company which meant a lot of IPCs in business parks & high rises - IPCs = In Person Calls = Cold calling. 

One day, my manager & I were out IPCing.  About the tenth (or 110th) door,  the DM happened to be at the reception desk.  I let out a little of my pitch & surprise...the DM was looking for a copier to replace the POJ he had in the back office.  The customer asked "Can you meet now?"  I said "Well, this is my prospecting time....I'll be busy until 2PM...are you available after that?"  The DM said, "Sure, I'll see you at 2pm!" And before I left I made sure the receptionist put my meeting on his calendar. 

Out in the parking lot, my manager was FURIOUS! He yelled, "WHY didn't you meet with that guy IMMEDIATELY?" I said "If I drop EVERYTHING to meet with this client now, first - I look desperate & like I have nothing else going on & second - this is my ACTUAL PROSPECTING TIME & I have to commit to doing it to build my pipeline."

When you say "call me anytime" to a prospect, they may wonder why you're sitting around waiting for their call.   Pro Tip:  People don't buy the widget with dust on it. 


Busy reps are never dusty. PS - The DM bought my copier.

Hat Tip to Noah Goldman