I get a SELLY feeling every time you call!

Interested in feedback - do sales gurus/ninjas/experts concentrate TOO MUCH on selling to salespeople? 

What I mean is, the vast majority of sales enablement companies and guru/ninjas out there "sell" to salespeople. 

Either individual contributors or sales org management. 

But the vast majority of salespeople don't sell to other salespeople - they sell to AP managers and Warehouse Supervisors and IT Directors and other LOB managers.  What do I mean? Well, take for instance the argument behind "cold calling." 

From a statistical standpoint, is a VP of Sales more likely or less likely than an AP Manager to pick up a call on their office phone from an unknown number?  How about an HR director? An IT manager? 

My experience tells me a sales pro is probably more likely to pick up - but that's only because one of my three customer personas is DBAs (data base admins) and they are easily my least accessible persona via cold outreach. 

The other two personas I prospect are sales people and sales leaders and they are (in my experience) much more open to cold outreach than other personas.  

What's your experience? Is selling to sales personas "different" than selling to others?