Had an interesting conversation about the #futureofwork with some customers/prospects at #Dreamforce last evening. 

All of us agreed #AI, #automation & #bots are going to revolutionize labor (and the NEED to human labor) in the next 10-15 years.  

And all of us agreed, no one is talking about what happens when millions of people are replaced with technology. 

What WILL happen, when automated "over the road trucking" replaces 1.5 million truck drivers?  How about rideshare? Uber alone says they have 2 million drivers. How about Lyft? How about cab companies or limousine services? 

Excited about driver-less stores? There are 2.5 million grocery store employees out there.  Retail in general employs more that 15 million in the US alone. 

Kiosks at In/Out burger? At last count there were 3.65 million fast food restaurant employees out there in the US. 

The current number of unemployed people in the US is 7.9 mil. 

The number of employees I mentioned in this post is almost 25 mil people. 

Yes, we can argue that they won't be replaced.  But is that really realistic? 

Once mature (or mature enough for the mentioned industries) #AI (like all tech) will be incredibly CHEAP compared to human labor. 

What employer ISN'T going to embrace #AI? For cost reasons alone?