It's all about THIS...until it ain't

"Yes I am your trusted adviser who is building a relationship with you by offering value...but if you don't return the paperwork by EOD the price goes up 30%" Mixed messages? Or same old / same old? 

Had a conversation with Noah Goldman regarding EOQ & discounts & related rigmarole.  It reminded me of my time in copier sales, when Solution Selling was the newest way to sell.

My company crafted some amazing Solution Selling training. All reps & specialists went through it.  There were metrics to measure & KPIs to hit. There were role plays & coaching sessions & sales training re-enforcement

Every client "touch" (although we didn't call them that back in the olden days) was supposed to be about "problem resolution."  And from the 1st of the about the 15th of the month...everyone was on board.

Then things started changing.

Management stopped asking about "problem resolution" & started asking about "how many units?" 

Role plays stopped.

Coaching sessions began to start with "What's your 'blood number' this month?" 

The only KPIs anyone cared about on Friday the 29th?  "Will the customer accept delivery today?"  Then the weekend happened & everyone took a breath. 

Monday morning arrives - 7am Sales Meeting Topic? "Problem Resolution"