An Exercise in Futility

#B2B #Sales #Prospecting True Story:  5 calls from the same "local number" in the last two days. No message. Just rings and hangups. 

Finally having a free moment, I call them back from my RingCentral number as opposed to the cell phone they are calling.

Ring/No Answer 15 times, then auto-disconnect.  No way to leave a message. 

60 seconds later after I hang up, phone call from the original number, this time with a PERSON'S NAME on caller id. 

I'm in a Skype meeting now, so let it go to voicemail...and no message AGAIN!

After my meeting ends, I go to LinkedIn with the name on the caller ID -  its a sales rep with a supposed "sales enablement" company. 

Turns out the rep is literally sitting on the East Cost (I'm in Seattle) using a local area code to "get me to pick up" to talk about how he can help me "prospect more effectively" 

Let's review:

1. 5 calls no messages

2. Using a local number to get (fool?) me to pick up the phone

3. When I decide call back, there's NO ANSWER!

4. After I hang up, they CALL ME BACK knowing I just called and again leave NO MESSAGE

5. They are trying to sell me something to help me "B2B prospect." 

Is this the "cold calling's not dead it's still alive and working" that everyone's talking about in the comments of my posts?  #thanksbutnothanks